Program outline and final

The symposium will be organized in different sessions, devoted to the following topics:

  • Past mass extinctions
  • Terrestrial hazards: Earth magnetic field
  • Planetary hazards: asteroid and comet impacts, rogue planets
  • Solar hazards: solar activity, Sun evolution
  • Galactic hazards: nearby stars, heliosphere, the Local Bubble, galactic cosmic rays, supernovae, GRBs, black holes
  • Extragalactic hazards: collision of the Milky Way and Andromeda, Virgo superclusters
  • Universal hazards: the fate of the Universe
  • Comparative analysis of the astronomical hazards
  • The End of Life in past and present cultures: native cultures, western and eastern cultures
  • The End of Life from a philosophical and theological perspective: ultimate end and meaning of life

Two round tables for interdisciplinary discussions will be organized:

  • How to respond to the astronomical hazards?
  • The scientific, theological and philosophical perspective of the «end of life»

The final program is available here:

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